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Thank You, Internet

A couple of quotes from a book I’m reading that have stuck with me:

About prayer, from Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer by Eugene Peterson

“The nonpraying world is a pushing, shoving, demanding world. Voices within and without harass, insisting that we look at this picture, read this headline, listen to this appeal, feel this guilt, touch this charm. It is asking too much that we move from this high-stimulus world into the quiet concentrations of prayer without an adequate transition. The nonpraying world is also an intimidating world. We wake each day to a world noisy with braggadocio, violent with guns, arrogant with money. What use is prayer in the face of governments, armies, and millionaires? What motivation can we muster to pray when all the obvious power in the world is already allocated to heads of state and barons of industry?” (Pg 23)

“What is at issue here is size: we require an act of imagination that enables us to see that the world of God is large– far larger than the worlds of Kings and princes, prime ministers and presidents, far larger than the worlds reported by newspaper and television, far larger than the world described in big books by nuclear physicists and military historians. We need a way to imagine-to see– that the world of God’s ruling word is not an afterthought to the worlds of the stock exchange, the rocket launching, and summit diplomacy, but itself contains them. Far more is involved here than simply asserting God’s sovereignty. We need a way, a convincing, usable, accessible tool for realizing the largeness of God in the midst of the competing bigness of the world. If we fail here, prayer will be stunted; we will pray huddled and cowering. Our prayers will whimper.” (pg 29)

Just for Fun:

If you’re getting ready to travel, I made an idea list of busy bag items for toddlers-prek. This is not a wishlist so if you DO order something, it will not go to me 😉

Busy Bag Ideas

Links to Read:

Marriage Was Never Supposed to Fill Those Empty Spaces

A military spouse describes something I’ve also experienced- dealing with difficult circumstances and immense loneliness without the ability to lean on my husband. This was a great encouragement to me.

Will Somebody Please Hate My Enemies for Me?

Ok, this one is a little more controversial….but….in an effort to listen and understand, I’ve read a couple of articles making a case for Christian support of our current president, and I have to say… This article shared an opposite view and I agreed with a lot of it.

You Need a Theology of Uncomfortable Grace

I think there are times for many of us when we cry out for God’s grace and we get it—but not the grace that we’re looking for. We want the grace of relief or release. We get those in little pieces, but largely they are yet to come. What we all really need right now is the grace of transformation. God’s grace is not always pleasant. It often comes in the form of something we never would have chosen to go through if we were controlling the joystick.

I Illustrated National Parks in America Based on Their Worst Review


75 Ice Breaker Questions for Small Groups

I love a good ice breaker.


This week, I am trying to use what we already have in our pantry/freezer/fridge.

Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan

I love Chicken Parmesan, so I’m excited that I have all of the ingredients to try this.

Some recipes I’m excited to try for St. Patty’s day:

Dublin Coddle

Sausage+ bacon + potato+ cabbage?? YUM

Cheesy Cottage Pie

I love Shepard’s (cottage) pie. Cheese sounds like a delicious addition.


Ellie Holcomb’s New Album: Sing: Remembering Songs

We are LOVING this.